Andrew creates content for impact. His creative direction has secured ADDYs and helped raise tens of millions for impact organizations.  “Mitchell 20,” a documentary about education that he wrote/produced/co-directed, was distributed theatrically through AMC Independent and won a Rocky Mountain Emmy for Best Documentary. “The Joe Show,” a nearly ten-year-long profile of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the decline of the fourth estate that he story produced was sold to Investigative Discovery and played festivals worldwide. His original docudrama concept “Edge of War” was sold to Discovery Military. The show’s host, General Wesley Clark, said it “could reduce enthusiasm for war”, which was exactly its intent. 
Andrew learned the craft of filmmaking while on the job—working up the ranks on commercial, marketing, broadcast, and documentary projects. From intern to PA, coordinator to production manager to line producer, then writer and director to creative director—and many other roles in between. Early in his career, he worked alongside the executive producer and creator of The Amazing Race and with teams from UK-based factual production companies like the BBC, RAWtv, and Darlow Smithson during a renaissance of recreation productions that shaped the rise of the docudrama. These experiences inform his rich understanding of storytelling, creative collaboration, and strategies to maximize production value. 
Today, he primarily works as a line producer on national commercial projects or producer/director of national and international marketing content for impact organizations. 
He heralds from Phoenix, AZ, where he developed as an artist and activist through the tutelage of great mentors and teachers. He's lived and worked in San Francisco, New York City, Ecuador, France, Liberia, and South Africa.
He is the treasurer and incoming president of the Arizona Production Association and has previously served on the boards of Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation, Conscious Good, Generation United by Valley of the Sun United Way, and Phoenix Elementary School District's Employee Benefits Trust. 

Selected Filmography.

The Amazing Race, Season 8. 2004. CBS. Coordinator (Two Episodes) and Asst. to E.P. (Season)
Ways to Save the Planet. 2008. Discovery. Production Manager (Two Episodes)
Talking About Teaching. 2010. Teaching Channel/PBS. Producer/Director
Great Lessons. 2010. Teaching Channel/PBS. Producer/Director
I Shouldn’t Be Alive Season 3. 2010. Animal Planet. Production Manager (Two Episodes)
Edge of War. Discovery Military. 2011. Discovery Military. Creator
Explorations with Bryan Johnson. 2015. Inquire. Creator/Producer/Director
Coding Democracy. 2017. Inquire. Creator/Producer/Director
The Teardown. 2019-20. Tomorrow Lab. Producer
Potentially Genius. 2021. Tomorrow Lab. Creator/Producer/Director

Iran Hostage Rescue. 2004. BBC. Third Assistant Director
Spies, Lies and the Superbomb. 2007. BBC. Coordinator
FutureShock Comet. 2007. BBC. Location Manager
Education and Economy. 2009. Randy Murray Prod. Writer/Producer/Director
Philanthropists. 2010. PBS. Producer
The Commute. 2011. 25th Frame. Production Manager
Mitchell 20. 2011. Randy Murray Prod. Producer and Co-Writer/Director
Kony 2012. 2012. Institute of Ecuadorian Studies. Writer/Producer/Director
The Joe Show. 2014. Discovery ID. Producer/DP
Africa in Focus: Liberia Election. 2017. BBC News. DP
Palm Oil. 2018. Fusion. Aerial Photography
Unprotected. 2018. ProPublica. Additional Photography
Democracy: An Inquiry. 2018. Inquire. Producer/Director/DP
Indoor Farming. 2020. Business Insider. Producer/DP
A Sweet Land of Liberty. 2020. Inquire. Producer/Director/DP

BioDesign Institute. 2006. Arizona State University. Writer/Producer
Cops. CableOne. 2006. LaneTerraleaver. Producer
Neighborhoods. 2007. Trellis. Writer/Producer/Director
New Global Citizens. 2007. New Global Citizens. Writer/Producer/Director
Numerous Campaigns. 2008. Expect More Arizona. Riester. Producer
How the Money Helps. 2009. Arizona Lottery. Riester. Producer
Annual Campaigns. 2006-10. Diocese of Phoenix. Writer/Producer
One Voice. Riester. 2011. Thunderbird School of Global Management. Producer
Annual Campaigns. 2004-12. Valley of the Sun Untied Way. Writer/Producer/Creative Director
Numerous Internal Videos. 2004-12. University of Phoenix. Producer/Director
Numerous Projects. 2007-12. Arizona K12 Center. Producer/Writer/Director
Be Free Campaign. 2012. BestIT. Producer/Writer/Creative Director
A Father’s Story. 2013. John C. Lincoln Hospital. Producer/Creative Director
CounterStrike Campaign. 2013. Arizona Department of Health. Riester. Director
35 Years Campaign. 2013. AZ Community Foundation. Producer/Creative Director
Security Program. 2013. University of Phoenix. Producer/Director
Haunted. FreeArts for Abused Children. 2014. Producer/Writer/Director
Meet the New Nomiku. 2014. Nomiku. Writer/Producer/Director
Francis. 2015. FullContact. Producer/Writer/Creative Director
What Will It Mean to Live? 2016. Kernel. Producer/Writer/Creative Director
Introducing Freshly. 2016. Freshly. Producer
What is Patreon? 2016. Patreon. Writer/Creative Director
Integrity Idol Liberia & South Africa. 2017-18. Accountability Lab. Producer/Creative Director
2018 Campaign. 2018. Amgen Foundation. DP/Director
Maria Rosario Jackson Profile. 2018. Arizona State University. Producer/DP/Director
What is ZERO1? 2018. ZERO1/State Department. Producer/DP/Director
Do Peace Differently. 2018. Humanity United. Producer/DP/Director
Amplify 2019. ZERO1/State Department. Producer/DP/Director
ToysRUs 2019. b8ta. Producer/Creative Director/DP
BioTech Experience 30th Anniversary Videos. 2020. Amgen Foundation. Producer/DP/Director
American Arts Incubator. 2020. ZERO1/State Department. Producer/DP/Director
Integrity Idol Philly. 2020. Accountability Lab. Producer/Creative Director
Waymo. 2022. Los York. Line Producer
Arizona Office of Tourism. 2023. Off Madison Avenue. Producer
Proactiv. 2023. Los York. Line Producer
Apple. 2023. Anderson Hopkins. Line Producer