Andrew creates content for impact. His creative direction has secured ADDYs and helped raise tens of millions for impact organizations.  “Mitchell 20” a documentary about education that he wrote/produced/co-directed was distributed theatrically through AMC Independent and won a Rocky Mountain Emmy for Best Documentary. “The Joe Show” a nearly ten-year long profile of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the decline of the fourth estate that he story produced was sold to Investigative Discovery and played festivals worldwide. His original docudrama concept “Edge of War” was sold to Discovery Military. The show’s host, General Wesley Clark said it “could reduce enthusiasm for war”, which was exactly its intent. 
Andrew learned the craft while on the job. Working up from PA to Coordinator to PM to Producer to Producer/Writer to Writer, Producer, and/or Director. Early in his career he worked alongside the EP and Creator of The Amazing Race and with teams from UK-based factual production companies like the BBC, RAWtv, and Darlow Smithson during a renaissance of recreation productions that shaped the rise of the docudrama. These experiences informed his rich understanding of storytelling, creative collaboration, and strategies to use resources for maximum production value. 
He is based in New York City and heralds from Phoenix, AZ where he developed as an artist and activist through the tutelage of great mentors and teachers. He's lived in Liberia, South Africa, France, Ecuador, and San Francisco, CA. He and his partner (a human rights lawyer) foster puppies in their free time. :)