BCGAZ Stars Video

Thank you!
Thank you so much for asking us to assist with this project. We, of course, love the work you all are doing and are excited to contribute.

Create 3, 2-3 minute videos that will integrate into BGCAZ annual Gala on February 26th. 

Working Schedule
2/11          Script Approved
2/14-16    Talent Coordination
2/17-19    Production Window
2/20-21   Remote Offsite Editing
2/22-23   Online Editing at Postal
2/24         Delivery

· Client will provide talent and talent coordination
· We will capture the zoom interactions via Zoom and a secondary recording.
· Script is to be provided by the client
· Post will elevate the recordings with filters and sound effects

Estimate Notes
· Providing even a basic amount of post absorbs most of our budget so it is critical that we do a self-recorded session. This can be done with the students at one club (on-site) or in their home (fully remote). 
· For music, we will pull from our existing library.
· An offline will be created with a remote editor and finishing will be done at Postal. 
· For all talent, we estimate either purchasing cameras for all (fully remote shoot) or using that budget to rent lights for an on-site shoot. 

Summary below. Here Here you can find a full breakdown.

General Terms
A 50% deposit to begin work, 50% at the close of production NET 15; client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation.  This is not a fixed bid and can be adjusted as needed. Through produciton, any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing. Savings will be communicated as well with options for reallocation. 

Thank you, again!
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!