Thank you.
Thank you so much for asking us to assist with the launch of Coherence Health. We're looking forward to collaborating with you in the creation of enriching content that drives behavior change. 

Create a content strategy and production plan that generates inspiring marketing material and powerful lessons which drive the adoption and completion of the Coherence program.

Deliverables | Delivery
· Graphics Template | 10/22/21
· Lesson Content Template | 10/22/21
· 4x Lesson Teasers | 12/8/21
· 4x Lessons | 12/22/21
· Source material on a hard drive

As we've been exploring options we started with some fixed assumptions based on your desires and budget constraints:
· Talent will be secured by Coherence team
· We will create a look and feel that is unified across all modules

Working Lesson Elements
· Teaser
· 3m Kickoff
· 10m · Backstory
· 3x 5-10m · Case Studies
· 6x Actions or Challenges (Graphics)
· 2-3m · Recap

Creative Approach
We're approaching this project with the desire to create a look that feels timeless, universal, and approachable. We'll bring an elevated documentary aesthetic that mixes from sit-down interviews in clean and non-descript environments, broll, archival footage, and modern graphics. Tonally, we want to balance enthusiasm and practicality, but avoid being preachy or overly didactic. We want to make it feel like it's a gift that you get to spend time with the instructor, easy to capture their knowledge, and hard to escape their passion. 
Below, I've pulled a few examples for reference. Crash Course is one of YouTube's oldest and most successful education channels. Their content brings great levity and decent production quality but is overall pretty childish. 
Donut Media is a popular channel for young gear heads and may be something the student/faculty at UTI actually watches. Again the content is childish in delivery and less than great in execution.
Ant Anstead Master Mechanic is probably the closest analog in terms of look, mix of footage, and tone to what we think we are doing. 
And, of course, Masterclass. We feel the high-end look and focus on the application of the knowledge for the viewer really sells how special it is to be learning from these individuals...and that the money one spent for a class is a bargain for what they are getting—those attributes should guide us. 

Working Lesson Development Plan
Pre-Production (4-6 weeks)
Research Phase (3 days, 1 week ideally to allow for collection and review)
· Survey audience 
· Survey instructors
· Collect and review information from instructors and audience

· Create module template 

Collaboration Phase (4-5 days)
· Meet with instructors to collaborate on curriculum 
· Create outline of content segments
· Meet with instructors again to review outline and create content types
· Review all with stakeholders for approval 

Curriculum Writing Phase (1 week)
· Expand upon outline with prompts and questions for filming days 
· Confirm content types 
· Review with stakeholders for approval 

Working Process and Production Schedule
· Oct 14 · Deposit + Survey Results + Contacts Received
· Oct 18 · Kickoff Meeting
· Oct 22 · First Draft of Module Outline + Graphic Treatment Presented
· Nov 3 · Draft Lessons Presented
· Nov 8-9 · Script Review and Revisions
· Nov 10 · Scripts approved
· Nov 12-17 (2 Days) · Production
· Nov 18-Dec 3 · Module Assembly editing
· Nov 23 - 26 · Thanksgiving Holiday Break
· Dec 6 · Rough Assembly and Teaser Rough Cuts Presented
· Dec 7 · Rough Assembly · Teasers Review Meeting (Virtual 2 hours)
· Dec 10 · Teasers Delivered · Assembly Review and Picture Lock
· Dec 13-17 · Graphic Creation + Color + Sound
· Dec 20 · Final Review/Exports
· Dec 21 · Changes
· Dec 22 · Delivery
· Dec 23 - Jan 10 · AJB Offline
· Jan · Hold for Changes 
Estimate Overview.
This is not a fixed bid but rather a starting point that can be aligned to your budget needs. 
For now, we've estimated ample time for scripting and revisions, 2 days of interviews, 1 day of broll, creation of lesson and graphic template, and full post-production—including color and sound mix. In terms of camera, we have estimated for using the Sony Fs5MkII for interviews or similar with film lenses. With this approach, we feel confident we can deliver a high-quality set of videos that will stand up for many years to come.
Below you can find our estimate summary and a detailed estimate is here.
You'll notice two columns on the left, "Full Rate" and "Discounted." The discounted column shows a 50% reduction of our production fee and discounts on all labor, except for the production crew.  

We will share a more in-depth production agreement at time of deposit. General terms include: a 50% deposit to begin work, 25% at the close of production, and the balance at completion; client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation; any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing.

Thank you, again.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!