This docuseries dives into every aspect of our obsession with murderous entertainment.

From Shakespeare to Tarantino, some of our greatest storytellers have entertained us with…murder. Escapism and enjoyment through the presentation of a morbid act? We all know humans are strange, but that is particularly peculiar. So why do we love it so much? How has murderous entertainment changed overtime? And does our infatuation have any effect on our psyche or society?

In the style of "Broken" and "The Movies That Made Us", comes a narrated docuseries that pulls from a treasure trove of popular media, psychological experiments, and original stylized interviews with superfans, actors, directors, as well as approachable and funny scientists to get into all things murderous entertainment in a manner that will appeal to cinephiles and sceptics alike. 

Written by science journalists like Lisa Munoz (Life Science, Cognitive Neuroscience Society) and dark comedy writers like David Richardson (F is for Family, The Simpsons, and Malcolm in the Middle) we will meld journalistic and scientific rigour with an editorial whimsy to deliver a show that is as fun to watch as it is thought-provoking.

To bring further levity to a dark topic, the animated illustrations of the celebrated artist, Andrew Steiner (IG: 17.6k followers), whimsical sound design, and clever editing will yield fast-moving and binge-worthy episodes that explore all aspects of murderous entertainment.

Sample Episodes.

Exit Wounds – A breakdown of how shootings shown on screen have changed over time.

Bloody Comedy – Why do shows like Dexter keep us laughing while we watch people die?

The Real Housewives of Murder – From soap operas to crime dramas, how shows targeting middle-aged women have changed since the '90s.

True Crime Explosion — From niche genre to entire channels dedicated to True Crime. 

Who Done It? — A look at class and race within murderers and their victims. 

Latchkey Kids — How did news reports on violent crime change child-rearing in the 20th century?

Sunday Morning – Sunday morning cartoons were a preferred pastime that was relatively wholesome, but now they are increasingly violent.

Battle Royale – Fortnite is one of the most popular games for kids around the world, but what is it actually teaching?

Horror Inc. – A look at some of the most successful horror franchises like Saw, The Exorcist, The Purge, and Halloween.

The Classics – How were classic violent stories of valor different and what did they do to shape early human societies?​​​