Thank you.
Thank you so much for asking us to bid on this project. Assembling this team to deliver on this project, with this message for an agency and client that we have deep respect for, has been nothing short of exciting. We truly hope we are given the opportunity to collaborate with you in creating powerful, impactful, and joyous pieces. 

Create a content strategy and production plan that generates inspiring marketing material and powerful lessons that drive the adoption and completion of the Coherence program.

Deliverables | Delivery
· :30 Brand Teaser | 10/1/21
· Lesson Content Template | 10/1/21
· Graphics Template | 10/1/21
· 4x Lesson Teasers | Between 10/1/21 - 1/1/21
· 4x Lessons | 1/1/21
· Source material on a hard drive

As we've been exploring options we started with some fixed assumptions based on your desires and budget constraints:
· Talent will be secured by Coherence team

· We will shoot documentary-style to allow for more reality, capture more scenes, and show genuine product reactions
· We'll look for people with compelling backstories about the implications of language barriers and tell them the project is for a branded documentary about language barriers and offer a stipend for participation (we won't tell them about the product until we are ready to do a capture a genuine reaction)
· With each talent we will conduct an interview, shoot broll/stills, and a genuine reaction to the product
· We will be between 1/2 and 1/3 of each day with each talent, keeping remaining time for man on the street reactions
· Post-production will include two pieces of stock music, sound mixing, color grading, stills editing, and exports in desired formats
Stylistically, we recommend shooting this with an elevated documentary style. Meaning that the lighting with be carefully crafted, we'll have organic movement in each shot, and we will shoot very intimately—bringing authenticity to each frame.

Working Lesson Elements
· Teaser
· Kickoff + Backstory
· 3x Case Studies
· 6x Actions or Challenges
· Recap

Working Lesson Development Plan
Pre-Production (~3-4weeks)
Research Phase (3 days, 1 week ideally to allow for collection and review)
· Survey audience 
· Survey instructors
· Collect and review information from instructors and audience

Collaboration Phase (4-5 days)
· Meet with instructors to collaborate on curriculum 
· Create outline of content segments
· Meet with instructors again to review outline and create content types
· Review all with stakeholders for approval 
Curriculum Writing Phase (1 week)
· Expand upon outline with prompts and questions for filming days 
· Confirm content types 
· Review with stakeholders for approval 
Design Phase (3-5 days)
· Create visual deck for set design
· Collect inspiration for graphics look and feel 
· Put together a final production bible/plan for filming days

Working Schedule
· June 21 · Deposit Received
· June 22 - July 2 · Pre-Production/Casting Call/Craft Outline + Questions
· July 6 · 2 Hour Casting + Location Review
· July 9 · Pre-Pro Meeting
· July 12-14 · Production
· July 19-30 · Transcription/Selects/Post Production
· August 2 · 2-4 Hour Working Rough Cut/Stills Review
· August 4 · Changes
· August 5 · Review
· August 5-6 · Color/Sound 
· August 9 · Final Review
· August 10 · Delivery

Thank you, again.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more.