Thank you.
Thank you so much for asking us to assist with this project. We're looking forward to collaborating with you again in the creation of a powerful film that drives investment in Entanglement. 

Create a documentary-style film that inspires investment through the clear communication of your unique value proposition and growth potential.

· ~20 Minute Film
· Source material on a hard drive

· Lisa will lead on scripting in collaboration with Inquire and Entanglement
· We will capture additional interviews and footage that match the existing footage
· Entanglement will provide all source material for graphics
· Entanglement will facilitate coordination with all interviewees
· All creatives include a narrator to speak to the business components such as the financials, growth numbers, hiring strategy. This will be covered with animation of provided slides. 
· All creatives will blend existing broll, animation of provided slides, new interviews, and broll of staff or advisors and clients, stock footage, narration, and animation of provided slides. 
· Completion will involve stock music, color correction, and sound mixing
· Script will be outline-based until we get all interview content, then will craft narrator copy to fill any gaps. 

Creative Approach 1 · $15k
To bring power to the story, we believe we should see products in the field and hear from existing clients. Their stories will allow us to move fluidly from current applications to market opportunities and the unique science of  Entanglement, while also generating more footage of the products in application for future uses. 
For this budget, we have estimated 1 day with a DP at the Entanglement office to capture interviews with two to three staff or advisors, and 2-3 broll set ups, and for interviews and broll with a local client for a case study. In addition to this, we have planned for two days to hire local DPs to shoot interviews and broll at client sites in Houston, Kentucky, or any other desired location. 
For graphics, we will animate what is provided to us by Entanglement in their existing style.
At scripting, we will focus on telling a seamless story that blends the needs, solutions, and growth potential of Entanglement so that these elements of the story feel cohesive. 
Full budget can be found here

Creative Approach 2 · $20k
Building off the approach above, at this budget, we can put more into graphics, provide a full day at Entanglement for interview and broll, as well as add an additional day to capture a case study with a local DP in another market. For graphics, we will take your deck and elevate the aesthetic with more refined typography, layouts, and graphs, then animate that for use in the video. For the case studies, we will allocate one more day for a local DP to capture a case study and broll in an additional market. We will also put color and sound out to specialized vendors and allocate more to stock video, beyond what is available in the library we subscribe to. 
Full budget can be found here

Creative Summary
The higher budget gives us a larger graphics budget to create a brand aesthetic and a larger shooting budget to cover more potential locations or case studies. In both, we think it critical to capture new footage of the product in the field to show potential markets and customer perspectives. Both will have a professional narrator to pull together the different aspects.

Working Schedule
EOD Oct 25 · Deposit and All Locations, Slides, and Content Notes Sent by Entanglement
Oct 29 · Script Review (2 hour meeting with all stakeholders)
Nov 1 · Case Study Interviews + Broll 
Nov 2· Entanglement Shoot 
Nov 9 · Rough Cut Review + Edit (3 hour meeting with all stakeholders)
Nov 12th · Final Review Sent
Nov 15th · Changes
Nov 16th · Color and Sound
Nov 18th · Delivery

A 50% deposit to begin work, 25% at the close of production, and the balance at completion; client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation; any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing.

Thank you, again.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!