Inquire + Lightricks

Thank you!
Thank you so much for asking us to bid on this project. We'd be honored to help.

Concept, and create a pitch for, an integrated marketing campaign.

· Creative Treatment (possible art directions and moodboards, filming style/execution, production design, possible directors)
· Script (120" spot that is focused on the creative manifest + has room for cutting into different modules that will serve potentially as product videos)
· The full deck that includes all above and is professionally designed to impress (as in agency pitch deck)

· Andrew James Benson · Creative Producer + Director. Andrew is the EP of Inquire and has worked at the intersection of art, commerce, and impact for two decades. He will serve as lead creative and your main point of contact. 
· Jesse Rieser · Art Director · Jesse lives at the nexus of cool and primarily works as a commercial photographer but moonlights as a creative director and art director.  He will ensure that whatever we do is on point. 
· Angie Slade · Designer · Angie has an amazing aesthetic and is a master of decks. She will support us in bringing cohesion to the pitch. 
· Writer · TBD · Once we see more of the brief, we can determine if this is something Andrew and Jesse will write or if we need to bring on someone with a distinct skill set. 

· How much do we want to push on these tools as a portal to financial freedom?
· How do you feel about using a narrator as the narrative drive and then intercutting creator stories?
· Are there any creator verticals you want to stay away from?
· Have you watched Abstract on Netflix (trailer below)? What do you think about that in terms of portraying creators authentically?
· The NTS Squarespace spot below has a bit more grit than the others, does this feel closer to what you were thinking?

Revised Creative Inspiration

Working Schedule
3/23 · KickOff/Research/Concepting
3/24-3/27 · Concepting
3/28 · 2-3 Treatments with Creative References (internal only, not a styled deck) 
3/29 · Review and Revision
3/30-4/1 · Script Writing + Laying out pitch  
4/1 · Review and Revision
4/4 · Final 

Estimate Summary
This is not a fixed bid but is meant to further the conversation. Please find the summary below and here you can find a full breakdown.

General Terms
A 50% deposit to begin work, 25% at the start of production, and balance at the close of production NET 15; client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation.  This is not a fixed bid and can be adjusted as needed. Through production, any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing. Savings will be communicated as well with options for reallocation. 

Thank you, again!
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!