People's TV + VA Phoenix Production

Thank you!
Thank you so much for asking us to assist with this project. We love the work that People's TV is doing in the world and would enjoy collaborating with you and the VA on this important project. 

Provide a turn-key production solution for a 3-day still shoot on location in Phoenix, AZ that is efficient, effective, and fun. 

· Client will provide and pay for locations and talent
· Client provides photographer and handles all post
· Crew will consist of Producer/AD, 2nd AD/Coordinator, 2 Photo Assistants, 1 DIT, HMU with an assistant, Art Director with an Assistant, and 2 PAs
· Crew is booked on a 10
· All crew/talent will be vaccinated
· We will do testing on the first day for clients, crew, and talent. On days 2 and 3, we planned to only test new talent. 
· Strict COVID protocols will be followed and upheld by a certified CCO

Estimate Notes
· Depending on how much we need to assist with talent and locations up front, the Coordinator and AD prep time could pair back 
· If we go with a DIT for each set, we could go to one Photo Assitant dedicated to each set, and one as a swing. 
· Depending on the scope of dress at locations, we could pair back art department to one person
· We included some money for props
· Thinking we definitely will want a 2-person HMU team. 
· The COVID testing rate is what we have normally paid, however, I have heard of another vendor in town that is a bit less. Would need to investigate there. 
· Of course, everything here is malleable and am happy to adjust. Please let me know. 

Summary below. Here you can find a full breakdown.

General Terms
A 50% deposit to begin work, 50% at the close of production NET 15; client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation.  This is not a fixed bid and can be adjusted as needed. Through produciton, any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing. Savings will be communicated as well with options for reallocation. 

Thank you, again!
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!