US Vets

Thank you.
Thanks so much for thinking of me to help. Would love to finally collaborate on a project! 

Create moving videos that honor the contributions of Judge Michael Hawkins to US Vets, increase donations to US Vets, and memorialize the opening of the new facility.

· 2-5 minute Judge Hawkins Video
· 2-4m Marketing Video for US Vets
· 2-3m Facility Celebration Video
· Source material on a hard drive

· All talent will be provided to production with the exception of a VO artist, should it be needed. 
· All travel and accommodations for LA trip will be provided
· Archive material will be provided to production
· We will shoot using the Inquire Films kit

Creative Approach · Judge Hawkins
Using original broll, provided archival stills and video, as well as original interviews with 3-5 people, we will craft a moving story about Judge Hawkins' life and work. One that honors his journey from a small town in Arizona all the way to the Supreme Court and then give special emphasis to his work in establishing a US Vets center in Arizona. 

Creative Approach · Marketing Video
To capture the powerful work of US Vets, we will look for the stories of two beneficiaries. One who is in stable housing and employed, another who is just starting his journey to stability. With their stories, we will craft a narrative arc that we can then punctuate with interviews from 3-5 leaders on the importance of the work, the services offered, the impact they make, the growing needs, and the fact that we need help to address the needs. Allowing us to touch on the rational side of giving, but always being led by the emotionality of our testimonials. 

Creative Approach · Facility Celebration Video
To commemorate the opening of the new facility, we will capture beautiful broll of both the old and new facility, then intercut that with interview and broll content captured by the City of Phoenix all set to an inspiring score that makes the moment feel even more monumental.

Estimate Overview
I've worked to create a budget based on the notes above and being aware that you are self-funding this. In the budget below, you can see two columns on the right "Estimated" and "Working." "Estimated" is our standard rates, whereas "Working" displays a discount on all labor and equipment. Areas where we can find additional savings: reducing days and total number of interviews. If we had more budget, I would consider hiring a make-up artist for the interview days—it makes a big difference. 
  The full estimate can be found here

Thank you, again.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more.