Waverly Labs

Thank you.
Thank you again for asking us to bid on the Ambassador video and still production! We'd love to help and hope this proposal will serve as a first step to further refine our collaboration. 

Drive interest and sales using a story that communicates what's made possible with the Ambassador Interpreter.

· 2-3 minute Product Video
· 5-15 · Stills of Video
· Source material on a hard drive

As we've been exploring options we started with some fixed assumptions based on your desires and budget constraints:
    · Each setup will require ~1.5-2 hours for lighting, directing motion, and directing stills. Giving us 5-6 setups in a 10-hour day. 
    · Talent will be booked at rates that allow for unlimited web usage (no broadcast)
   · Ideal crew would consist of Producer/Director, DP, Wardrobe/Make-Up, Gaffer, Grip, Art Director, and a Production Assistant
· Post-production will include two pieces of stock music, sound mixing, color grading, stills editing, and exports in desired formats
Stylistically, we recommend shooting this with an elevated documentary style. Meaning that the lighting with be carefully crafted, we'll have organic movement in each shot, and we will shoot very intimately—bringing authenticity to each frame.
In terms of energy, we will keep the energy high with a great degree of movement and quicker cuts. 
Talent direction will be focused on making moments genuine and joyful—full of humanity. The Ambassador pilot video had interactions that were negative—the supplies were delayed and the student didn't know the line—we'll focus on the positive. Like learning a surprising secret or making a connection around a shared experience—we'll focus on the discovery and connection that comes from translation.

Creative Approach · Studio · 50k+
With this approach we would use a narrator or host to help us move between heavily art directed sets that speak to the different verticals. Within each set, a vignette would unfold with the actors dialogue making a key point that reinforces the narration. Stylistically, we think about Wes Anderson or UpWork's advertising. 

Creative Approach · Connection, Made Possible · 28k+
With this approach, we would use a single location in Phoenix or SF that can provide numerous looks (NYC would prove cost prohibitive) for our core scenes. Our target would be to find a modern performing arts venue (or similar) that has a stage (events/conferences), conference room  (general business), classroom (education), loading doc/warehouse (supply chain/training), art gallery (tourism), and reception desks (hospitality). For example, we're working on approval and estimates at the Mesa Arts Center and the YBCA (seen below) though would need to look at other options as well. 
How we bring the elements above into a compelling story is the fun part and there are a couple of approaches that we'd like to explore further as we get into scripting:
· Following the story of a single entrepreneur building a company while also falling in love with someone from another country (like the first Pilot video and the Translated video). Here we think about how casting and a little art direction can help us travel around the world, while shooting in and around one location.
 · A fast narrator driven piece that moves us into intimate and powerful interactions that exemplify the core features of listen, lecture, and converse. 
In everything that we do, we will focus on sharing the spark and magic of human connection made possible with translation.
Detailed estimate here
Creative Approach · What Could Have Been · $28k
With a small documentary crew, we'll set out on the streets of Queens or San Francisco over two days and seek emotional and fun stories about language barriers and what they led to: the business deal that fell through, the job that they didn't get, the class they flunked, the love that just didn't make sense at the time, or the relative that they could never really connect with. 
With these stories, we'll come back and write a narration that leads to a product reveal with a promise: all of that is about to be history.
Detailed estimate here.

Process Overview
We've worked hard to craft approaches that can deliver a breadth of high quality scenes at your budget. And to be honest, this has been a bit of a challenge. To compensate (and because we really like Brisa!), we reduced our production fee by half and our principal rates by 30%. That said, our budgets and creatives are starting points. With your feedback, we can refine creative approaches and put forth a final budget for approval.
With approval, we will submit an invoice for a 50% deposit alongside a working production schedule and then we'll get to work!

Thank you, again.
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more.