Inquire + GDC

Thank you!
Thank you so much for asking us to bid on this project. We'd be honored to assist. Below you will find an estimate, some creative suggestions, and a working timeline

Create inspiring and informative videos that communicate the focus of GDC, its impact, and its vision for the future to attendees of the Summit for Democracy and general stakeholders. 

· ~5 minutes GDC "Spotlight Video"
· ~5 minutes GDC Explainer
· 30-45 second GDC Explainer
· 1x hard drives w/ all assets

Creative Suggestions
Below are a few thoughts we had after reviewing your brief, visual references, and the draft script. 
· To allocate resources most efficiently, we would recommend making the Explainer Videos derivatives of the Spotlight Video, so that they share the same general structure and elements but with a slight variation for the open and close. This will allow us to apply resources efficiently and achieve a more polished look/feel across all videos. 
· Five minutes, sadly, is quite a bit of time these days for marketing videos. With that much time, we have the opportunity to tell more of a story. One that emotionally sets up the need for GDC's existence, how you are meeting the need, your vision for the future, and a clear call to action. Tonally, the video should feel urgent and inspiring yet collected and grounded.
· To assist with the above, it may be more powerful to have the primary narration done with a single voice over artist, and then have representatives from partner organizations come with short additive soundbites that validate efforts from their organizational perspectives. This will make the partner voices more emotional, or personal, and stand in contrast to the primary narration which is more procedural, or factual.
· With fundraising as an outcome of this video, we need to be mindful of the source of any footage in order to not infringe upon copyright. Ideally, footage would come from partners, news outlets, or licensed stock footage. We also have an archive of footage from projects like this and this
· Visually, we would recommend using licensable graphic templates we can modify in GDC's style for the base of any motion graphics. Below are a few references of videos we've done recently with graphic elements we can repurpose and modify, in order to save time. We've also done an initial search of other templates here
Of course, these are just initial thoughts. We'd love to discuss more in a kick off call. 

Graphic Examples

Estimate Overview | $10.75k
Below you will find an overview of our recommended budget allocations. This is not a fixed estimate. As the creative and approach are refined, we will adjust. One major note is that in order to reach the targeted budget, we are working from the notion that the Explainer videos can be derivatives of the Spotlight video. 
· Script review and visual breakout in a two column format, with visual descriptions of scenes on the left and narration on the right. 
· Draft 2D layouts of graphics for comment before animation
· Identification and licensing of stock video
· Coordination and remote direction with 4-5 interviewees or speakers 
· Modification of a motion graphics template to match the style of the GDC site and presentations. 
· Up to three tracks of stock music
· One hard drive for client with all assets, one to be retained and archived by Inquire. 
· 30 hours of rough cut editing, 20 hours of fine editing, 30 hours of motion graphic creation, as well as 8 hours of professional sound design and mixing. Note: depending on the final script and variations, these allocations may need to shift.
· 4 virtual meetings with stakeholders: Kick off, Script and Animation Look Review, Rough Cut Review, and Fine Cut Review.
· A non-profit discount of 50% of our typical production fee as well as non-profit labor rates. 
Estimate summary is below, full estimate is here.

Working Schedule
3/7 · Job Award/Deposit Processed
3/8 · Kick-Off Meeting
3/9 · Review existing footage, stock footage, and templates
3/10-13 · Breakout script + Create motion graphic look and rough animation layouts
3/14 · Meeting (if possible): Script + Rough animation layout review
3/15-20 · Editing
3/21 · Meeting (if possible): Rough Cut Review
3/22 · Changes
3/23 · Meeting (if possible): Fine Cut Review
3/24 · Sound Design + Color Correction + Delivery
3/28-29 · Explainers Versioning
3/30 · Explainers Rough Cut Delivered
4/3 · Explainers Feedback
4/4 · Changes 
4/4 · Explainers Delivery

General Terms
A 50% deposit to begin work and the balance following final delivery (NET 30). Client can cancel production at any time though is liable for any costs incurred up to point of the cancelation. This is not a fixed bid and can be adjusted as needed. Through production, any possible overages will be shared with client before incurring cost and must be approved in writing. Savings will be communicated as well with options for reallocation. 

Thank you, again!
Please let us know if you have any questions. We'll look forward to more!